Gun Material

The Matrics Cartridge System automatically mixes and dispenses two proprietary impression components. Disposable mixing tips prevent the spread of bacteria. A complete Matrics intro Kit includes the easy-pull NXT Dispenser, 4 cartridges and 18 mixing tips.

The Matrics System features the new NXT Dispenser for all of its impression materials. Its ergonomic design is easy to handle, and uses disposable mixing tips to prevent the spread of bacteria that can occur when using less sanitary techniques. An original dispenser design is also available, for use with light body material only.

The Matrics mixing tip design delivers precise material flow and eliminates air entrapment. Matrics tips are designed for one-time usage, making cleanup easy and reducing the risk of spreading bacteria from patient to patient.
Syringe Material

M2211 High-quality Matrics XHB (Extra Heavy Body â€" 40 Shore A) impression material is available in traditional tubs. One kit (containing two 12-oz. Tubs) makes approximately 55 impressions. Each kit includes two spoons.

Matrics Single Use Packets
M1S10 Single Use Packets Matrics XHB (Extra Heavy Body â€" 40 Shore A) are convenient, easy to carry and easy to use.
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