About Innovative Earmold Designs (IED)

Innovative Earmold Designs (IED) announced its grand opening of Custom earmolds and acoustic device manufacturing in Mississauga Ontario. In collaboration with a team of industry experts and supported by industry leaders in digital equipment and technology IED offers a broad selection of digitally designed custom devices such as earmolds for Behind the Ear hearing instruments, swim plugs, sleep plugs, hearing protection plugs, ear monitors and a selection of hearing care supplies and accessories. Innovative Earmold Designs state-of-the-art digital earmold are made of the finest and most durable environmental friendly biocompatible materials, the digital design solution is based on 3D technology which uses a scan of the ear impression to create a digital image, a 3D modeling software is then used to complete the design of the earmold. The software is also used to verify the fit and canal direction for optimum acoustic performance and comfort. A High-Definition, high quality 3D printer through a process called stereo-lithography is then used to print ultra-thin layers ultimately creating the exact 3D structure which enables a digitally precise fabricated product using our proprietary process.