Impression Materials

We are counted amongst the top companies involved in offering a wide range of Impression Material. These are compatible to all die materials and are widely used. These are developed using quality assured raw material which we procured from the reliable vendors of the market. Moreover, these are well known due to their longer shelf life and fine quality.

Ear Light

It is a pen like instrument with samll led light at its tip.Ear-Light is used for placement of Ear dams or removing cerumen in the ear.Every Audiologist needs ear light as an instrument for performing various activities on patient.

Impression Syringe

Easy impression syringe: Standard double piston impression syringe for equal injection of silicone impression materials, multipurpose use, application opening 3.5 mm, external diameter 6 mm. Constant material flow, low extrusion pressure. Spare cylinder can be ordered separately.

OTO Scope

An otoscope or auriscope is a medical device which is used to look into the ears.Health care providers use otoscopes to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate ear symptoms. An otoscope potentially gives a view of the ear canal and tympanic membrane or eardrum. Because the eardrum is the border separating the external ear canal from the middle ear, its characteristics can be indicative of various diseases of the middle ear space. The presence of cerumen (ear wax), shed skin, pus, canal skin edema, foreign body, and various ear diseases can obscure any view of the eardrum and thus severely compromise the value of otoscopy done with a common otoscope.


Hi-pro is a hardware interface designed to program all kinds of Hearing Instruments. Generally, Hi-pro is USB based and compatible with windows operating system. Hi-Pro is used for faster programming of Hearing Aids.

Ear Tip

The Ear-tip is an important part of Hearing Aid (BTE) that impacts your sound experience. Ear Tips are made available in different types depending upon the material they are made of. These can be- Rubber Ear Tip, Silicone Ear Tip, Foam Ear Tips and custom Ear Tips.

Dehumidifier Kit

Dehumidifier Kit or Hearing Aid Dryer is used to keep Hearing Aids moisture free for their long life and flawless performance. Dehumidifier Kit is just a plastic jar with airtight cap, it contains desiccant material. You need to place your Hearing Aid without battery in the kit overnight so that it can absorb moisture.

Disposable Ear Plugs

Earplugs comes under the category of the Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs).They are used mainly in industries with high noise levels and all workers are recommended to wear them. Disposable Ear Plugs are made up of good quality and allergy-free material..

Wax Guards

Wax Guards are there to protect your Hearing Aid from ear wax. Sometimes excessive wax in the ear can block Hearing Aids and affects its performance. Variety of wax guards are available that are compatible with Digital Hearing Aid.