Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Depending upon the type and intensity of hearing loss,hearing aids are available in different types and styles ranging from Behind The Ear(BTE) to Invisible In The Canal(IIC).

Degrees Of Hearing Loss varies from mild to profound.

  • Mild (21 – 45 dB) – soft sounds may be difficult to distinguish.
  • Moderate (46 – 65 dB) – conversational speech is hard to hear, especially if there is background noise (such as a television or radio).
  • Moderately severe(66-70dB)- Over all speech is difficult to understand while background noise.
  • Severe (71– 90 dB) – it is very difficult to hear speech unless it’s loud.
  • Profound (91 dB) – Almost all sounds are inaudible. Most people with profound Hearing Loss benefit from a hearing aid. A cochlear implant may assist these patients.

Customs Hearing Aid (ITC,CIC,IIC)

Custom Hearing Aids include styles like ITC(In The Canal),CIC(Completely In Canal) and IIC(In The Canal)

These style of Hearing Aids will use for those who has flat hearing loss .Basically this style will give better result up to moderately severe to severe Hearing Loss .

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Behind The Ear (BTE)

This style of Hearing Aid will be beneficial for those who has mild to profound Hearing Loss.In this we have different power of Hearing Aids as per the Hearing Loss like Nano BTE ,Standard BTE ,Power BTE ,Super Power BTE and Ultra Power BTE Hearing Aids.

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Receiver in the canal (RIC)

This style of hearing aid will use for those who has sloping hearing loss or noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)or Age Induced Hearing loss.In sloping type they have normal hearing at low frequency and hearing loss at high frequency .

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