Musician Plugs

Musician ear plugs are designed for people who listen to music as well as the people who make the music. Research has shown that enjoying music at a live concert or through loud speakers and earphones can have irreversible effects on the hearing health.

Professional musicians can hear the true sound of their instrument or vocal with our reliable in-ear monitors. These ear plugs are enhanced to eliminate feedback, lower on-stage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. Alternatively, filtered ear plugs can also used by musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency of the music and their instrument.

Musician Plugs

The custom fit Musician Plugs provide years of use. The ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 are now used by professionals in all audio-related fields -- Live performance, sound engineering, recording, crtical listening, etc.

ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 Musicians Earplugs* were designed for musicians and sound engineers as a necessary companion during live performance and recording. Their unique design allows each level of protection to be worn comfortably even during extended periods of high sound pressure levels. Sound is attenuated by specialized filters that provide equal levels of protection at all frequencies.

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